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Hello and Welcome to my place. I'm Nur Jannah binti Esa and as owner of this blog.Soon gonna be 19 on 7 December.Degree of TOURISM at UITM Melaka. Rarely update cz busy with studying. For your information, i'll use English and Malay language on my blog. Do follow mine and i'll follow yours back.Thankyou Guyss :D


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March 30, 2013 | 14:59 | 0 gossip
Hey I'm back.
Tak sampai 2 minggu je lagi nak belajar sebelum final exam.
Insya allah akan buat elok elok di sem 2 nie.
Nak bangga kan both my parents and family.
Belajar dan belajar is my passion right now.
Keep on focus in lecture or tutorial.
Less sleep,less online and less movie.
Oh I'm forget one thing less novel.
Insya Allah this will make me success.
Remember Allah always,keep on remembering Allah all the time
insya Allah Allah will help us.
Thats all from me.
Wish me the best on my final this end of april
22 April until 30 April.
Bye bye matriculation perlis after this
No more perlis in my life

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